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Ask SI

Ask 'SI' With Amazon Alexa

SensorInsight's @Home Alexa skill, nicknamed ‘SI’ (pronounced 'sigh’) is now available for our @Home customers. This version is customized for the @home resident or caretaker who needs to monitor activity and status



Alexa, ask ‘SI’ …


"to tell me the status"

"to give me the status"

"my home status"

"how my home is looking?"

"how is my home?"



Alexa, ask ‘SI’ …


"to list the sensors"

"to list my sensors"

"what rooms do I have sensors"

"what places do I have sensors"

“to list my rooms”

"to list my places"

"to tell me {place} status"

"how is my {place} "

"how is my {place} looking?"



Alexa, ask ‘SI’ …


"what is my {room} door status"

"to tell me my door status"

"how is my door"

"how are my doors"

"tell me my doors status"



Alexa, ask ‘SI’ …


"to list my  events"

"to list the events"

"to list all {type} events"



Alexa, ask ‘SI’ …


"what is my {room} temperature"

"what is my temperature in {room}"

"what is the  temperature"



Alexa, ask ‘SI’ …


"list the activity”

“list my activity”

“what is the activity in {room}?”