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Sensors and Hardware

RightSensor Hardware
Engineering and Solutions

To provide high quality and affordable hardware solutions, the SensorInsight team works with new sensor and gateway manufacturers that support our RightSensor applications in Environmental Monitoring, Agriculture and Energy.  The RightSensor hardware engineering team is a dedicated research and development group that combines sensors, communication nodes, and network partners.

The RightSensor mark is a trusted brand that is certified and pre-configured to work with SensorInsight and our solution partners supplying hardware and software technologies.

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The RightSensor for your Business
RightSensor works with our sensor, communication, and installation partners to provide sensor nodes and communication solutions for multiple industries.
Pre- Bundled Industry Solutions
Sensors and gateways chosen by our expert team work seamlessly together with our software platform to solve specific industry challenges
Adaptable and Configurable
Our hardware solutions are customizable and can integrate with existing networks or environments if a sensor solution is not right for your business

RightSensor takes the guess work out of the equation by providing sensors and wired or wireless sensor, mesh networks and communication protocols to integrate with every environment. We specialize in full featured sensor solutions for an industry or application.  Where sensor technology is available we can combine different vendors and technologies to create a seamless solution for easy deployment and integration.



Hardware Partners

Communication Partners

RightSensor hardware and integrated solutions team can help you build custom sensor solutions for your business or application. Hardware and sensor developers are available for hourly consultation or full project delivery. We take IoT security seriously.  Our teams work to ensure we are protecting your data and network environmnet based on the latest security measures available for the technology and solution.