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Services and Solutions

Integration and Installation

SensorInsight is a product designated specifically for data collected from industrial internet of things solutions. The SensorInsight big data and API platform was born from the years of research and consulting practice of legacy industrial system integration expertise. Experience in large, custom industry solutions and smarter cities projects allow us to confidently work with your team in ensuring your sensor networks, data, and application systems are effectively designed.


Communication Gateway, CloudConnect
SensorInsight's CloudBlue hosting and support packages offer a wide range of SLAs to fit your needs. Using the elasticity of the cloud we can quickly deploy your environment and start managing it in a fraction of the time it would take to deploy in your data center. This approach allows us to easily scale your workloads up or down to better fit your needs (and your budget!)
SensorInsight Integrate API
It doesn't matter where the data comes, the value lies in how you aggregate and link the pieces together. SensorInsight's API is designed with that flexibility in mind so it is easy for you to scale your integration as you expand you digital ecosystem.
Affordable Quality
Large monitoring networks can be prohibitively expensive to build and operate, on top of being difficult to maintain. Our team is committed to helping you build the IoT solution that is right for your business (and your budget!)