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Smarter Cities

Cell Phone and Video Analytics


SensorInsight solutions can help you gain insight into vehicle and pedestrian movement patterns and trends through efficient monitoring of public and private areas. Our team can deploy a number of solutions which results in a combined technology approach to monitoring people and traffic in high volume areas, using video, beacons, and phone detection to provide dynamic estimates of how people are moving through your space.

Understanding flow, density, direction, and activity allows you to gain business intelligence and insight within public parks, shopping centers, event venues, theme parks, and other public attractions. Crowd counting and pedestrian traffic monitoring are important for detecting congestion points, optimizing for visitor access, and measuring footfall traffic. People counting can also be used by security personnel and fire marshalls to estimate the number of patrons in a venue and ensure fire code compliance and guest safety.

Tracking sensors can be deployed in key areas. Existing video cameras can be placed where necessary.
Real time analytics can be processed and sent to the SensorInsight software platform. Analysis can be done in a secure way such that individual information is never transmitted.
Noise monitoring or Crowd Analytics can be performed in high traffic areas or large venues.

Crowd Counting

Car Counting

Flow Map

Movement Heat Map

Pedestrian Tracking


People counting systems in retail environments  can be combined with sales data to calculate conversion rates, which is a key indicator of a store's performance and may provide valuable information over traditional methods. Together, traffic counts and conversion rates can reveal important information, such as why a specific store is experiencing more sales, whether or not year-over-year sales are down, why fewer people are visiting a store, or why fewer people are making purchases.

Marketing professionals in large retail or shopping malls rely on visitor statistics to measure their marketing and footfall traffic. Often, owners measure marketing effectiveness with sales, also utilizing visitor statistics to scientifically measure marketing effectiveness. Marketing metrics such as CPM (Cost Per Thousand) and SSF (Shoppers per Square Foot) are performance indicators that shopping mall owners monitor to determine rent, according to the total number of visitors to the mall or according to the number of visitors to each individual store in the mall.


Image Recognition and Analysis

SensorInsight video and image analytics work to provide comprehensive information around scenes, objects, and faces. Working with images we can provide a descriptions and attributes of the image in real time.  For example the image to the left has the following attributes.

  • Number of People: 9
  • Male: 4
  • Female: 5
  • 17 - 27 years old: 2
  • 26 - 43 years old: 5
  • 30 - 47 years old: 1
  • 48 - 68 years old: 1
  • Smiling: 99.1%
  • appears to be happy: 98.3%
  • not wearing glasses: 89.1%

Bringing it all Together


Scanning Hardware

The latest generation counters include Wifi Counting functionality, which collects WiFi probe requests from shoppers' smartphones and adds a number of important metrics for businesses, especially for the retail industry. Many business are now deploying people counters to help them to gain insight into their clients. WiFi Counting uses a WiFi receiver to pick up unique WiFi management frames emitted from smartphones with a range of up to 100 meters. While not all people carry a smartphone, WiFi counting can produce statistically significant metrics due to the large sample size available. Scanning and People Tracking Hardware is available from SensorInsight along with Service and Support.


SensorInsight for People Tracking

The SensorInsight platform for Internet of Things applications is designed to provide you with access to your sensor data quickly and easily. Our solutions work out of the box to help you quickly gather, view, and understand the data that is collected. SensorInsight Integrate is a data collection framework designed from the ground up to connect, monitor, and transform sensor data. SensorInsight Integrated provides a complete API for accessing your data directly or pushing your data directly to your preferred platform. SensorInsight for People Counting applications allows you to view your data in a number of ways based on both static and mobile applications of the hardware.

Environmental Monitoring for Cities & Schools

Urban pollution is one of the biggest challenges in our cities today. SensorInsight has curated a sensor bundle for the monitoring of air quality information throughout the day in neighborhoods, parks, and schools. This allows citizens to schedule outdoor activities and events during the generally safest times. The ability to easily monitor and track air quality patterns is the first step towards cleaner air and a cleaner planet.

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GIS map view of all your sensors with real time readings and Sensor Scale calculations
Configurable dashboard with real time updates of areas or measurements that you want to monitor
Compare data between sensors, or across all your sensors and data

Proudly Partnering with Libelium

SensorInsight is proud to partner with Libelium to provide the most advanced and affordable sensors for our industry solutions.