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Smarter.  Affordable.  Sustainable.

Not every business needs are the same.  With long term integration experience, we know that most every business needs are specific to your company and the way that you do business with your customers.  Knowing this, we provide out-of-the-box solutions that are tiered and can be customized to your unique needs. We work hard to develop solutions that are customizable but won't break the bank.

Environmental Monitoring

Air Quality for Manufacturing, Cities and Schools

SensorInsight for Environmental Monitoring is on the front lines of improving community air quality information. Communities, schools, and industry can use the SensorInsight solution,
Precision Agriculture

Advanced Data Driven Farming Solutions

Crop management decisions of the modern farmer have undergone a significant transition towards the use of data driven information that was unimaginable just one generation ago.
Crowd Counting & Visitor Tracking

Dynamic Estimates of How People are Moving Through Your Space

Gain insight into pedestrian movement patterns and trends and increase potential revenue through better monitoring of public areas.

Why choose us?

We are Passionate
We work tirelessly creating new solutions, and adding components to our sensor catalog. We work with hardware vendors and communication and software partners to bring you out of the box solutions.
We have Experience
The Internet of Things is relatively new, but Machine 2 Machine and System Integration have been around for decades. So have we, integrating systems and things large and small.
We are Complete
Our team provides customized or configured hardware coupled with our advanced IoT software platform so you can get started monitoring your environment or systems right away!