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Data Driven Farming and Agriculture




Crop management decisions of the modern farmer have undergone a significant transition towards the use of data driven information that was unimaginable just one generation ago. Data driven agriculture is helping growers to conserve resources, increase yields and improve quality, ensuring sustainability for future generations.


SensorInsight provides detailed environmental and soil monitoring that delivers a better understanding of your field and how it may affect growth, disease and potential yield.

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Cost Effective, Easy to Install, View your data anytime

SensorInsight Agriculture Sensor Kits are designed to be deployed within your field or block, are solar powered, and can transmit data for several miles. The sensors provided with SensorInsight Agriculture kits can help growers monitor and understand soil moisture and wetting patterns, irrigation run times, and local weather conditions.
Agriculture kits come pre-configured and ready to install, providing immediate information directly from the field so that you can monitor your exact growing conditions. Kits are configured to send data to our SensorInsight for Agriculture Platform, allowing you to log in and immediately view your data, or start working with your agriculture advisors to better understand your growing conditions.
Our kits can be customized at the factory for different sensors and options to measure soil moisture, electrical conductivity, irrigation cycles, leaf wetness or other important agriculture parameters. Our out of the box kits are ready to go with integrated LoRaWAN or 4G connection modules.

Industrial Solid State Weather Station


SensorInsight Industrial Weather Kits provide comprehensive real-time weather information in a compact package. This industrial Solid-State weather station includes 12 weather parameters to keep you informed of local conditions on your farm or business.

Traditional weather stations are cluttered, complicated and frustrating to install and maintain. Wiring and programming all the components can be frustrating, and finding room to mount everything can be a challenge. SensorInsight’s all-in-one weather station kit solves many of these problems by providing a comprehensive industrial weather station that is easy to install and use.

Software the way you want it

SensorInsight for Agriculture Software Platform is built from the ground up to provide a cost effective data solution for your industrial or urban agriculture environment. SensorInsight helps you to understand factors that affect crop growth and yields such as phenological changes or weather conditions, helping to improve potential yield and reduce loss through disease or weather.

Software Features:

  • Access real-time conditions from your sensors or integrated systems •
  • Record farm inputs such as phenological changes or spray applications
  • View calculations such as Degree Growing Days, or Evapotranspiration
  • Communicate with your team, consultants, and irrigators to collaborate and produce recommendations