Install, Service, Support. Expert Advice Included.

Cost Effective. Simple To Use.
Your Data, Anytime.

SensorInsight agriculture kits provide comprehensive real-time irrigation information and other input related decisions for your farm:

•  Industrial solid-state soil sensor and weather station includes 22 parameters to keep you informed

•  Integrated irrigation sensor combines watering set data with rain events

•  Spray forecasting charts provides guidance for application timing based on weather and water information

Industrial Software

SensorInsight is a SaaS application subscription that is accessible from your desktop web browser or mobile phone.  Your subscription is supported with a responsive team via phone and email, including expert consultation and education issues.  The sensor kit is a best of breed solution of hardware to support the highest data quality and consistency. 

Solid-State Sensor Systems

Agriculture kits come pre-configured and ready to install, providing immediate information directly from the field so you can monitor growing conditions.  Sensors are configured to send data to your app in real-time, allowing you to view the information, or work with your advisors to better understand your growing conditions.

SensorInsight helps you understand factors that affect crop growth and yields such as phenological changes or weather conditions, helping to improve potential yield and reduce loss through disease or weather.