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Networking and Data

Excited about paying LPWAN data fees?


Neither are we!

Getting your sensor data to the cloud is one of the most vital components of your solution.  A good network choice should allow you to reliably collect sensor data, and manage your sensor nodes and gateways in the field.

 Choosing the right network or provider can combine a lot of factors such as price, availability, bandwidth, and support and maintenance effort.  Effective monitoring and uptime analytics will help you control and scale your solution and its deployment effectively.

SensorInsight - Public, Private, and Semi-Private Networks

There is a lot of buzz around the topic IoT and wide-area network solutions. Consumers are looking for long range, low power consumption, and low cost. We have worked with most vendors in the LPWAN space and have frankly been underwhelmed. Aside, from a substantial cost to value issue, using a third party solution increases the complexity, and doesn't deliver always deliver the value that you need.

That's why we built our own network and connectivity solution using industry standard gateways from Libelium, MultiTech, and Cisco. We have deployed dozens of public and private IoT solutions for our customers and are always upgrading our capability. Our LoRaWAN network solution uses an ethernet or 4G backhaul to get data to the cloud quickly, securely, and cheaply. Oh, and btw, it's an open LoRaWAN protocol that can use any sensor that is readily available.

We don't charge for our network.  So you don't pay for gateway software, simply for the privilege of having it. Our fees are simple, and easy to understand, based on a low montly price ( usually a few dollars) for each device on your network.

Let our experience save you time and money!


Gateway Management

‘SensorInsight Connect’ is a gateway management solution for private IoT networks. Connect is designed to enhance your gateways capability well beyond the basic receive and forward capability of many IoT gateways.

SensorInsight Connect is based on a robust architecture that provides:

  • Receive detailed system status, uptime, CPU, disk space, and real-time system alerts from your gateway(s).
  • Send commands direct to your gateway(s) – reset, reboot, or status. For some protocols, such as LoRaWAN, send configuration commands direct to the sensor node.
  • Secure approach works through most firewalls.
  • Enhanced sensor node information such as, RSSI, Signal to Noise, or other possible communication or data issues between the nodes and the gateway.