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Environmental monitoring goes well beyond just air and water quality. At SensorInsight, we think of the entire environment, whether that is a city or a farm, to understand activities in the home and how the environment and your use of the environment might be changing.

SensorInsight @Home is an in-home monitoring solution designed to help you better understand your residential or business environment and the occupants use of that space over time.


SensorInsight @Home provides an end-to-end state of the art vertical hardware and software environment which can be customized for residential and commercial monitoring. Residents, Caregivers, and Building Managers can view real-time data and receive customizable alerts.

  • Increase occupant safety
  • Monitor current conditions and activities
  • Receive alerts when certain conditions in the home or activities by the participant are unusual or dangerous
  • Understand trends and anomalies
  • Provide better information for planning and targeting improvements in activities, visits, or increased in-person monitoring
Discreet sensors are placed around your home to monitor the environment and occupant activities.
Sensor data baselines are determined. Thresholds and rules are built specific to each occupant and their lifestyle.
Interaction with the system through web, mobile or voice commands is provided through various interfaces including Amazon Alexa.

What do we Monitor?


At the core of the sensor network are components provided by our hardware partner, Libelium. SensorInsight combines these into a comprehensive network of sensors which can be installed out of the way to ensure minimum distraction to the participant. A number of similar sensors will be set up to monitor basic activity and movement.

  • Presence and light sensors will help us to understand if people are entering or staying in the area and if the lights are being used on a regular basis.
  • Temperature and humidity sensors will be installed in each area to ensure comfortable living conditions, monitor for open windows, and HVAC problems.
  • Specialty sensors such as water flow, water leakage and door sensors will be installed in key locations for complete environmental monitoring capability.

Safety and Security in Knowing



Through active monitoring and alerting, customers and their advocates can be alerted when specific conditions occur which may otherwise stay unknown until someone is physically present. This will allow them to be alerted to situations where they should check on the participant through a phone call or physical visit by a neighbor. Some examples of possible alerts include:

  • The temperature has gone above or below a set safety threshold. The thermostat may be set incorrectly, or perhaps a window or door may be left open.
  • No activity in the residence for an extended period of time. Someone may be injured, ill, or missing.
  • No activity in a specific room, such as the kitchen for an extended period of time. The participant may need a reminder to eat, or need more care-giving assistance during meal times.
  • The system has lost communication with the sensors in the home. The home’s power and/or Internet service may be down.
  • A door in the home has been left open or closed for an extended period of time during the day or has been opened in the middle of the night.
  • Water has been detected on the floor of a bathroom or kitchen.

Alerts can be adjusted to the specific needs of each participant and caregiver. Too many alerts can be disruptive to a caregiver or participant. If a participant is unable to properly respond to alerts, it may be better to only alert the participant’s caregiver.


With proper alerting and monitoring, caregivers will feel more assurance that the participant is doing okay during the times when the caregiver is unable to be in the home with the participant. While this system does not take the place of a caregiver, it can assist the caregiver in identifying when the participant needs immediate assistance, and when it’s likely that the participant is doing okay and the caregiver can go about their regular life without having to worry that they are needed. With monitoring and alerting properly customized to the needs of the caregiver and participant, the caregiver should experience a reduction in caregiving-related stress and the participant should experience increased safety and health in their own home.

Security and Privacy Concerns

Security of our customers information and data is our number one priority. Our servers are isolated within a private network with multiple layers of security protecting participant data. Access to participant’s data is granted to specific users (such as caregivers, participants and case workers, managers) who are identified though secure authentication.  Users can only access the information specific to their role.

Data access through the sensor network is well defined with separate input/output channels to protect access to and control of the sensor devices. SensorInsight provides robust IoT device management. Each device or component has an individual identity and requires credentials to access it. We provide the ability to change access keys or revoke access to a device or component on demand.



There are generally no video cameras installed as part of our solution, especially for residential areas. While we have privacy optimized video solutions that can analyze data on the camera itself and just forward counts and trends, we take privacy and security very seriously and as such do not even suggest monitored video in the home as part of our solution.


Interaction with the system through web, mobile or voice commands is provided through various interfaces including Amazon Alexa.

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