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Software Platform

SensorInsight Internet of Things Platform

SensorInsight is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform, built for anytime, anywhere connectivity. When an object can represent itself digitally, it can be monitored and controlled from anywhere. This connectivity means more data gathered form more places, with more ways to increase efficiency, innovate in product development, increase asset utilization, enhance the customer experience, streamline the supply chain, and improve safety and security.

Combine All of your Data into One Place
View your Assets on Desktop or Mobile in Real Time
Get Big Picture Insights

Integration and Data Validation

SensorInsight solutions work out of the box to help you view and understand the data that is collected.  But to get the full picture of your environment, legacy systems and external systems need to be added so side by side comparisions and analysis can be done.  SensorInsight Integrate is a big data collection engine designed from the ground up to connect, monitor, and transform if necessary to ensure you see your whole environment. Rea-time data on each of your assets or external systems can be pumped into the platform allowing you to gather large volumes of cross-domain data in a scalable and secure manner.

SensorInsight Integrate helps to monitor your deployed sensors and systems and validate the data being received.  Our secure platform will validate and provide initial transformation to ensure the quality of data being received.


One API to Rule them All

Need direct access to your data?  SensorInsight Integrate provides a complete API for accessing your data directly as it comes from our sensors and gateways.  We can push data to many of the available IoT systems that are available on the market, or our integration team can develop adaptors for your unique system requirements.



Getting the Right Visualization

Whether it is a Vineyard with soil and weather sensors, a manufacturing plant monitoring vibration and power, or a Smarter City keeping a check on local Air Quality, our platform is designed to provide a specialized look and feel for your industry.  Industry specific events and business rules help you understand your data in the context of your environment.  User roles help to ensure that everyone on your team gets the information they need within the security rules that you define.



Our advanced web interface is designed to provide an intuitive environment that is common to any device and lends itself to quick customization.


Analytics of IoT sensor data in a core service of SensorInsight. This includes the ability to connect our API to embedded and partner services such as Deep Neural Networks or IBM Watson Cloud cognitive services. In addition, we provide a notification and alert component, a robust rules engine

  • Analyze and visualize data in near real-time as it enters the systems. Receive alerts based on pre-defined business rules for quick responses to potential issues.


  • Visualize and compare cross-domain data sets and KPIs from across different systems. Forecast future trends and needs with advanced analytics.