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The future is data! Creating, aggregating, storing, and analyzing data is getting cheaper and more powerful then ever before. It's not a question of if you will be a data enabled organization, it's a matter or when.

If it sounds complicated is usually is. With so many vendors and products there is rarely a clear path, and without proper planning, it is easy to end up with a disparate collection of connected devices that don't add enough value to your business processes.  SensorInsight helps businesses lay the foundation they need to implement increasing sophisticated asset management process and connected operations solutions.

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Monitor asset health and status in real -time
Visualize the physical location of assets within your environment.
Standardize and automate data collection, minimizing the risk of human error.

Customized and Sustainable Solutions


SensorInsight delivers comprehensive hardware, software and communications technology, while maintaining the open architecture needed to incorporate future technology and expended operations.  Whether it's hundreds of miles away or down on the factory floor, SensorInsight works with best-in-class communication partners and highly specialized industry professionals to make certain the job is done right!

When the data your view is more accurate, you can make better decisions!

SensorInsight Software


Leveraging the intuitive design and powerful visualization capabilities of the SensorInsight platform, integrated with legacy EAM systems such as IBM Maximo, our clients have been able to achieve increased system utilization, optimize maintenance processes, and improve cross-functional collaboration. SensorInsight is built for anytime, anywhere connectivity in the cloud.