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Success Stories

Greenhouse Monitoring and Indoor Agriculture


True Harvest engaged SensorInsight® to deploy environmental, agricultural, and water quality sensors, creating a connected indoor farm, designed to improve decision-making process, allowing True Harvest growers to cultivate a premium crop and develop a strong market position while reducing waste and employee overhead.

SensorInsight provides us the ability to see environmental variations in our crop cycles and compare yield output and quality, allowing us to continuously optimize the quality and size of our yield while reducing waste and cost from the process.

Michael Macchiaroli
Michael Macchiaroli CEO of True Harvest

True Harvest, a medical marijuana operator, is a large investor in medical cannabis operations. The legalization of marijuana in various US States, coupled with the emergence of several new markets and continued overall growth on the medical side could boost overall state-legal cannabis sales to $6 billion by 2018.* To be successful, True Harvest recognized the importance of setting themselves apart by producing the highest quality marijuana through the management and analysis of their entire medicinal marijuana growing process. To achieve this goal, the company was looking to aggressively invest in best practices and precision agriculture to provide maximum yield and high quality results that delivered the best quality product in its industry.

Saltwater Disposal Tank Monitoring

Managing assets that are miles apart was a hassle for Texas company Aqua Tech. Using SensorInsight desktop and mobile application, managers can now ensure that unloading trucks are accurately recording the amount of produced water or flowback water being offloaded at the site, as well as monitor the accuracy of the trucks removing saltwater and oil from the injection and oil tanks without having to be on-site at these remote locations

It has been incredibly useful to be able to look at a screen and immediately know the status of my sites. I receive notifications when the tank levels dip below thresholds that I am able to set and now I know who is accountable.

Manager Aqua Tech Disposal Site

Utilizing ultrasonic sensors built and configured by our RightSensor team, Aqua Tech was able to remotely monitor the levels of the saltwater and oil storage tanks. The manager of the site was able to set thresholds should certain levels be exceeded. The manager was then notified via SMS and/or e-mail notification. For instance, if the oil tank currently held 1000 gallons of crude oil and 250 gallons of oil were to be extracted from the tank, the manager could set a lower threshold of 750 gallons. If the truck pumping crude oil from the tank were to extract more than 250 gallons of oil, the manager would receive a notification that the oil tank level had gone below the 750-gallon threshold. Aqua Tech was also able to monitor air and water/oil temperatures, humidity levels in the tanks, and air pressure levels. All of these measurements were beneficial to the manager, ensuring that all systems were functioning as intended, while monitoring from a remote location.

Cold Storage Monitoring


The Hoffbrau management team wanted a more efficient method for monitoring cold storage facilities for both regulatory compliance reporting and food safety. They wanted to relieve highly paid managers and chefs from the burden of recording temperature readings in their refrigerators and freezers throughout their shifts and have the peace of mind that management would be alerted if there was a problem. In addition, there was no equipment monitoring during off hours in the restaurants. They needed a system that was secure, reliable, affordable and easy to use.

SensorInsight collaborated with Hoffbrau Steaks to deploy an end-to-end cold storage monitoring system. Our team of technical experts configured and installed customized industrial refrigeration sensors in the freezers and coolers at both the Haltom City and West End locations. Management now monitors over 12 storage areas from two locations in a mobile ready app. Their cloud-based cold storage monitoring solution was configured to a SensorInsight dataset.

Golf Course Management

Desert Mountain is an 8,000-acre property nestled in the Sonoran Desert that is home to world's largest collection or private Jack Nickalus Signature Golf Courses and has been recognized as one of the "world's best golf communities." It is the largest user of reclaimed water in the metro Phoenix-Scottsdale, Arizona, and prides itself on water conservation serving 4,500 residents and 6 golf courses. Desert Mountain wanted to do even more to conserve water and partnered with SensorInsight.

Instead of taking 30 days to gather and verify data, we can gather information up to six times per hour, 24 hours per day, allowing us to make decisions within 15 minutes….so that if our weather station tells us the courses received rain the night before, we could adjust the irrigation to water less that day.

Shawn Emerson
Shawn Emerson Chief Agronomist, Desert Mountain
IBM Beacon Award Winner

Bob Jones, Chief Operating Officer, Desert Mountain, recognized that "Water is one of our most precious natural resources… [and] because its uses are so extensive, water is very difficult to manage." Despite recent conservation initiatives, Desert Mountain still consumed over 26 million gallons of water per day. Rapid population growth and long-term drought led to government restrictions on water usage in an attempt to avoid further depletion of already dwindling freshwater supplies.  Desert Mountain and SensorInsight consulted some of the top agronomists in the country, from the Center for Turfgrass Science at Penn State University, to design and deploy an integrated water and energy telemetry solution. The result was a centralized water management platform, holding all of the information from the four separate software suites, capable of integrating smart metering and irrigation control technologies. We deployed a network of soil sensors across the courses to pull in real-time measurements on soil moisture, temperature, and salinity. Desert Mountain Golf supervisors were now able to visualize and monitor and consumption on each course using the SensorInsight dashboard. Gone are the days of walking the course in the morning with a clip board making a note of an issue, and then tracking down someone to address it, limited by his inability to be in multiple places at once. The golf supervisor can now view the state of his golf course in real-time via the  SensorInsight dashboard, and address any irrigation issues with the click of a button.

Water Conservation and Monitoring


Oxfam International is a global organization working to right the wrongs of poverty, hunger, and injustice. Oxfam saves lives, develops long-term solutions to poverty, and campaigns for social change. Oxfam International, founded in 1942, Oxford, United Kingdom, works in more than 90 countries, with programs in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, across Asia and in parts of Eastern Europe. In Africa, Oxfam worked alongside local communities to expand the network of independent water points across Northern Kenya and Ethiopia.

Water maintenance is a matter of life or death in areas in Eastern Africa. During dry seasons water shortages and droughts ruin harvests, kill livestock, and drive up food prices as a result causing millions of farmers to lose their livelihoods and famine to spread across the country. Lack of access to safe, reliable water is an ongoing problem in East Africa. With thousands of water points in place, Oxfam needed a system in place for monitoring and maximizing the efficiency of the water lifecycle.

Water usage has increased six times over since the turn of the century – twice the rate of human population growth. According to the World Bank, 1.1 billion people don’t have access to safe water. 45% of wa-ter is lost due to leaks in aging water infrastructure around the world. And according to the United Nations, two thirds of the world’s population is projected to face water scarcity by 2025. It’s clear as a planet we are in the midst of a resource crisis, with the future looking even bleaker. We need to manage our water smarter. Water conservation is a critical aspect of sustainability in communities worldwide. And with the advances in technology, data storage, speed and connectivity, combined with previously inaccessible computing functions, we have the ability to analyze and opti-mize processes and systems, so that our goals of a smarter planet are within reach and achievable.

IBM Beacon Award Winner

Oxfam International strived to get aid to people who needed it during times of famine, but wanted to create and to anticipate problems in the future. They drilled boreholes and created schemes to ensure water was getting to the communities that needed it. With that system in place now they needed a way to manage it, which is where SensorInsight® came in. The solution was designed to capture, aggregate and display near real-time and real-time data on water levels, consumption and the number of people and animals visiting water points on a daily basis. After a careful needs assessment, our team decided that SensorInsight® Dashboard would be the best solution for our clients’ needs and budget. SensorInsight allows utility managers to monitor water systems for supply, demand, and functionality in accordance with variables such as temperature, time of year, and location. The approach was designed to provide real-time analytics, alerts and expert insight into water and energy systems, correlated with key operation and historical data.